Best Value Trampoline – Safety First

Buying a trampoline at first is exciting for your kids including using it in the warmth of the weekend but we adults know the risks of using it. We must heed of all the warnings as well the advice of those who uses it to prevent any accidents. And now this brings us to the million-dollar question, ‘Is jumping on a trampoline safe for a toddler?’ With a little bit of foresight, you might be able to answer this question yourself. But, if you haven’t figured out the answer by yourself, we will settle all the gunfire going in your head about this favorite backyard play tool.

  •         Trampoline: Family-friendly or not?

Industry experts state that no children under the tender age of six should ever use a trampoline. The reason is simple and practical. At a raw age, their bones are too fragile to withstand the pressure from the repetitive bouncing and jumping movements. So, their bones can snap by merely jumping few inches on a trampoline. They won’t even have to do crazy stunts to injure themselves. Not to forget the fact that toddlers can bounce higher than usual due to their lightweight.

Sometimes, the bounce can be so high that the toddler can propel over the net. Simply put, toddlers are at increased risk of trampoline-related injuries. Therefore, it won’t take too long for their love for trampolines to turn into hate because the injury rate is quite high. Frankly speaking, the element of risk still exists. If the product was a person, it could have been sued quite frequently. To make matters worse, a recent poll on the subject revealed that most parents often ignore the basic safety guidelines related to the use of a trampoline.

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