Machines Used to Create Keys

There are many ways of learning how to create or duplicate keys at home by yourself. But when it comes to a professional career in locksmithing and as a keysmith, you’ll need better equipment that is able to make keys in a precise and flawless way.

When it comes to duplicating keys, both keysmiths and locksmiths would need a machine called the ‘Key Duplicator’. Like the name describes the machine, its main purpose to create a copy of any key that you wish. It’s important to always wear eye protection when using the key duplicator to prevent debris from getting into your eye from the keys getting filed in the machine.

But if you’ve lost the original key before you get to duplicate it or your key is stuck in the lock, a code cutter machine is what you’ll need. Code cutting keys involve studying the grooves of the lock before getting to make the key impressions on a new blank. So for those who are in trouble for having their original key broken, there is always a way for keysmiths to solve your problem.

Laser cutters are the last in the list but not the least. Laser key cutting machines act as both a code cutter and a key duplicator. The difference in this machine compared to the others is that it reads through the key’s thickness instead of the valleys on the blade. Despite being called a laser cutter, this machine, in fact, does not have any lasers involved. The cutting process uses a bit that works in an incredible speed and the bit is most often coated in titanium in order to increase effectiveness and durability.

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