Where to Stay In Mauritius

As the majority of the lodging is located, of course, on the coast, even though there are still a fair number of resorts inland, visit Mauritius hotels, those appeals more for the company sector compared to leisure.

You will find a number of rather large class hotels around the island, like the superb le prince Maurice, the beachcomber resorts like Dina Robin as well as the Royal Palm, the four seasons resort where there’s a ratio of 2 workers to each guest along with the unparalleled oberoi. Not all excellent lodging, however, needs to come at a high cost.

Small, cozy resorts abound all over the shore, offering cheap rates, friendly service and comfortable lodging.

As of however, the tendency for backpacking hasn’t attained Mauritius which means non-existent. This doesn’t imply, but that back-packing round the island is hopeless. The regional buses are slow however a very economical, dependable and pleasurable way to travel along with the large number of little bed and tours signifies that cheap accommodation are available.